I am writing to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for my husband. Because of COVID with lockdown three days after I moved him to OceanView, I had not been in the facility on a daily basis, as was my practice. This has been exceptionally hard but the caliber of your staff and the care that they have given to him was comforting during the difficult COVID ordeal.

For different reasons you are the fourth facility he has been in. He had been in the most studding, state of the art memory care facility as well as another facility where he had a suite the size of an apartment. Your facility is the least attractive facility but I have learned from the years of his disease that it is not the physical facility but the quality of the staff that truly makes the difference. Your staff have made OceanView, hands down the superior facility. I would like to acknowledge all by name and express my thanks for his care. However because of COVID I do not have all of the names and faces.

From the very first day of his arrival at OceanView I knew things were different with his care. He was visually impaired and your staff switched his room so that he had easy visual access to a TV, helping me move his clothing. April spoke with me about the rigidity of his hand and what he needed to prevent infection in his palm and to ensure comfort. She and the other nursing staff were very much on top of his care letting me know what they had done rather than me having to constantly ask which is what had happened elsewhere. Different wheelchair comforts were discussed and addressed. I would like to thank Danielle and Amanda for over seeing all of this. Joanne kept me apprised of Steve's weight and nutritional needs at every step of the way.

Communication with the family is something you staff have done so very well which has been particularly important during COVID. By communicating as well as everyone has done I have realized that the level of care and attention is something we had not experienced and was so welcome during COVID.

The other aspect of communication that has happened during COVID is the communication between the resident and family. You have had to make so many unexpected adjustments using FaceTime and then limited in person visiting to allow families to communicate safely. I would like to thank Laverne and the activities team for all that they have done to connect families and residents to support the residents with activities in ways that the families were unable to do during COVID.

Please know that OceanView made a difference in both of your lives. You can easily make a facility more physically attractive. You cannot easily create the quality and level of care and concern that is evident in your staff.
-- Steve's Wife
Sometimes .. a Thank YOU card is enough .. still for my experience it will never be enough .. From time to time one is caught up in an emergency that is scary. I was caught up in such an emergency ... when I broke a bone in my body. I was taken to the Ocean View Nursing & Rehabilitation. During the stay of several weeks, I was Blessed with a host of care givers that gave me their all. Something I never expected. It was a trying time for me .. the pain, the procedures, and all that goes into trying to Recover, cannot be expressed in words alone. However. I can only Praise and be forever thankful to the people that took care of me and my body.. to where I am recovering from this unexpected emergency.

How do I explain in words alone the Empathy, Compassion and loving Care I received? It is almost unexplainable .. because this is not always the NORM. Soo a Thank YOU card is never enough. To show what I would like to share; this as my Gratitude to all those who help me recover ...

-- Orlando
I wish I could remember everybody's names as there were many who were involved with my mother's care. My mom was Helen Christian, and she was admitted to Oceanview in November, and again in December. I was satisfied with the care my Mom was receiving, and though there were some hiccups along the way, whenever I had concerns, those concerns were immediately addressed. I knew everybody was working hard in the in the rehabalitation unit and stayed busy as I never saw any employee just hanging around. My mom loved the people who cared for her and she felt especially close to some of them. Jeannie Asby, nurse Valerie, and Alexis (aid) were the names of just a few people Mom had confidence in.

My Mom was in Oceanview during the holidays and this was hard on her. She was in Oceanview for Thanksgiving but she enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal my sister, who was visiting from S. Carolina, made and brought to her. My mom's birthday was December 7th and I wasn't sure if she would still be in the hospital or back at Oceanview for that occasion, but I decided to have a surprise birthday party for her. She was admitted back to Oceanview just a couple of days before her birthday and arrangements had to be quickly made for family and her friends to celebrate. I had thought we could use the Bistro room for this, and ran the idea by Valerie (rehab nurse) who discovered some training was being conducted in the Bistro on that particular day. Valerie told me not to worry, that she would figure something out, and she did. She was able to get permission for us to use the conference room. My Mom was so surprised and so happy when she was wheeled down to the room and saw everybody there for her. We had gotten food from Taco Shack and Mom was in heaven. She had been craving Taco Shack tacos for a while. It was a beautiful gathering and it was all made possible by Valerie, who took the time to figure this out and make this happen for my Mom. Mom talked about this birthday for days. She was so surprised and she was able to see how much family and friends loved and cared for her.

When Christmas weekend came, I was able to take her home on a pass for four hours. Each Christmas I cook a bunch of food for Christmas brunch. After eating, all of the grandchildren open their gifts. My Mom had such a good time and she ate a lot of food. (She was still eating while the grandchildren were waiting to open gifts). It felt good to see my Mom eating and enjoying family. The plan was to have her discharged into my care the following day, however, both social services workers had the day off. Mom kept calling to tell me she wasn't on the discharge list, and I assured her she would be coming home with me the following day, Wednesday. However, Chamille called me on Wednesday morning to inform me that my Mom had passed away.

One of my Mom's worst fears was to have to die in a nursing home. But, I know when she went to sleep that Tuesday night, she was looking forward to come home with me the following day, so I have to believe she was at peace when she died. So thank you for the care that my Mom received, and for the people who made her feel special.
-- Valerie Joyce
My husband and I were forced to admit my mother to Ocean View Nursing and Rehab; it was the end of the world to me. Sudden illness made it impossible for me to continue her care at home. Honestly the emotions that hit my heart like a freight train; guilt, fear and anger shaped how I saw the facility. At first but now 17 months later after my mother's graduation to heaven, I love and still visit Ocean View Nursing Home. You see I found a family there. I found loving, caring, well trained staff and I found wonderful friends. I love the staff and residents of Ocean View Nursing home. I can tell you this; the residents love their home too! We got off to a rocky start it was normal because like many guilt, fear and anger filled my heart. The well trained staff is experienced with these normal, human emotions and they held my hand. Even when I was angry, even when I accused the staff and the facility of wrongs that truthfully did not exist, they heard me. The patient staff showed me respect and love at each bump. Slowly, as my mother settled in and I watched her bloom, watched her come alive and attend social functions, gain friends, love her nurses, love her nursing assistance, love the meals served, my heart changed. The truth is that my mother received better care than I could give her at home. At home she was isolated, she sat in her room all day, alone, no one to talk to except my husband and me. She didn't eat well because she hated my cooking and demanded donuts and ice cream. As a daughter I gave into her. At Ocean View the dietitian provided diabetic treats and drinks that had vitamins and calories. Three square meals a day, every day, made a huge difference in my mother's health.

When she complained about her meal a new and different meal was brought to her, quickly and gladly. You know when my mother had an appointment with the beautician on the corner across from the Administrators office, the staff ordered an early lunch tray. They did this for all residents with scheduled appointments in and outside the facility. My mothers last year of life was filled with activities, friends and loving care. I will never forget. Honestly no place is perfect and when I did have a valid concern it was met with immediate response and remediation. Problem solved! Joe Hager, Administrator, is a hands on, visible, leader. His office is an open door policy; everyone is welcome to speak with him at anytime. He leads this great community of people and it is with his guidance that the Ocean View Nursing Home and Rehab facility at 2810 S, Atlantic Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 continues to improve. I gained even more respect for this man when we evacuated the residents for hurricane Matthew in October of 2016. His leadership, active involvement, the staffs expert management, the herculean effort to bring our loved ones to safety was beyond description. It was the staff that stayed with our families in surrounding nursing care facilities. The staff lived with our family members providing care in the most extreme circumstances while their own families were left behind. Money cannot buy this kind of sacrifice it comes from the soul of each individual who chose to stay and face the storm with the residents. God continues to bless them all. Joe Hager continues to lead from a position of strength and a depth of caring that cannot be found in books and universities.

Again, I still visit Ocean View on a weekly basis. The hallways are filled with staff engaged with residents. Each time I go there are improvements being completed. New floors, painting, new hand rails, new phone, cable and internet service, new air conditioning, resident room renovations The well trained maintenance department is always busy and I am always impressed at their skilled and expert workmanship. Last week I attended a social outing with the residents. We went to the Golden Corral in Port Orange. The activities department takes the residents out to dinner monthly. It is a huge under taking. Everyone has a wonderful time! Come, join the family at Ocean View, your presence and love will be added to the great over flowing cup filled by the caring well trained staff. Social workers, nurses, certified nursing assistance, the best activities department this retired SNF nurse has ever seen, physical therapists, dietary, maintenance, administration, a beautician, reception, come bring more joy. It's easy to understand that as loving family members we feel guilt when we are forced to admit we cannot safely care for our parents, husbands, wives, our beloved family members. Guilt is a close partner with anger and it is these emotions that cloud our eyes and hide the truth. These emotions lead to unpleasant reviews when in actuality the family member was placed in the best possible position of care available. The safest place for a high risk fall patient is on the floor on a mattress until such time a facility that specializes in high risk patients has room. That level of care is a whole different area of expertise. The State of Florida has laws and rules that prohibit the use of restraints even for the safety of a resident. Side rails raised up on the bed are in the States view a restraint. If my mother were at risk of frequent falls out of bed I would hope that the staff caring for her would have the common sense to put her mattress on the floor. A broken hip is a devastating injury for the elderly. For me and my mother, who now lives in heaven, the truth is Ocean View Nursing and Rehab is and continues to be the best care facility in our area.
-- Gene and Kim Salisbury
Oceanview nursing home in Florida is where I placed my mom last December has been a blessing to me. my mom has full time skilled nursing cares and a staff that is right on top of any issues that come up. They have regulate Dr. visits and open to visitors at any time. If needed the patients have access to physical and occupational therapy.
-- Patient
Our beautiful Mother, Viola Howard was a patient at your facility for 5 months. During that time we came to know the staff and the facility and wanted to give you a update on what we witnessed with our daily visits. First, so many of the staff are extraordinary. We want to give special recognition to Mother's nurse who was with her from the first day to the last...Megan! Megan was always kind considerate and compassionate to our Mother ...and she always wanted to do what the family wanted. She spent time with us talking about Mother and adjusting her meds to our desires and yet meeting Mom's needs ... ...but more than anything she was our sounding board on a daily basis. We cannot give her enough credit! Right along with Megan was Sue the supervising nurse ... Sue was always attentive to Mother and often when we came to visit she had Mother behind the desk at her side playing a game of tick tack toe...or in some way making sure Mother had close attention.

Michelle the night nurse was also so attentive and caring to Mother ...she was the one who saw to it that she had special attention during the night. Mother often had trouble sleeping and Michelle saw to it that her meds were in order and helpful to her rest. April was amazing, while she was never her direct nurse ... she always went out of her way to hug Mother and tell her how important she was. Whenever we would walk Mother and run into April there was a recognition and awareness that Ari! was also looking out for Mother's best interest. We also cannot say enough about social worker Dawn. What an amazing care giver she is. She connected to Mother like they were mother and daughter in another life. She loved mother and it showed ...how do you ever thank someone for that gift? And when the end was near Deanna, along with others, really went out of their way to make sure the family was 'in charge' and comforted ....the coffee in the middle of the night was amazing!

Mother also had several extraordinary aides. Of special recognition is Shawnta, McKenzie, Karen, Janet and Lilata. These women showed compassion, grace, caring and love on many levels. There were always trying to make things 'better' for Mom by feeding her, walking her, toileting her, and just hanging with her outside her room.. With each encounter they always made mom's life better. We also want to mention that Mom started on the second floor and Jodi her upstairs nurse was extraordinary as well as the therapy department. Specific recognition goes to Mary and Arvin who always approached her therapy with firmness but filtered with kindness. Our hearts are broken at our mother's passing ...but we know her last days, weeks and months were spent in the care of wonderful human beings who valued her and gave her their best to enhance her remaining days. For that, we are eternally grateful!
-- Dianne B & Lori E
The secret of Ocean View is quite simply the people of Ocean View. Both of us have been patients in the past years and it is so reassuring to see the same smiling faces again.
-- Mary S
I could never thank the staff at Ocean View enough for all the help they gave my dad, especially when I or the family called and they gave us the information we needed. It is important for family members to know how their loved one is doing, and you staff made sure we knew even when we couldn't be there.
-- Kathy H
The nurses and aides are smart, compassionate, and incredibly hard workers. The facility is maintained beautifully, the food is great and the activities are wonderful. They treat my husband with such respect and dignity, I truly admire these folks. When I approach any person within the facility with a question or concern, I feel like I am treated like the most important person on the plant.
-- Sue B